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Some of our most popular items
·Phones·Cameras·Beepers·Light Sets·Video Games·
·Flashing Buttons·Pianos·Guitars·Virtual Pets·
·Alarm Key Chains·Etch a Sketch·Magic Cubes·Bibles·Crosses·Candy Dispensers·Disposable Cameras·Bear Accessories & Shoes·Make Up·
Water Guns·Mini Gumball Dispensers·Bubbles
·and a large selection of Bells, Various Picture Frames, Disco & Glitter Balls, Mini Hand Cuffs, Charms, & Pins!·


            Specialty Games & Key Chains
·The Osbournes·Sponge Bob Square Pants·Operation·Trouble·
·Twister·Battleship·Mouse Trap·Scrabble·Cootie·Barrel of Monkeys·
·Bubble Gum & Pez Dispensers·Wooly Willy·Doll Clothes & Make Up·
·Mini Leather Jackets·Naughty Lips·Cows·Light Up Cars·Smile Faces·
·Mini Boom Boxes·and Much More!·

Baseball Bear
       Swimming Garter
   Sports & Hobbies
·Motorcycles·FFA·ROTC·Jets·Car Racing·Frisbee Golf·Dancing·Baton·Art·Drama·Music·
Cheerleading·4 H Club·Drill Team·Band·Biking·
Horses·Roller Blades·Trucks·Track·Hockey·
·Pogo Sticks·
and More Emblems than you can imagine!·

Cowboy Bear              

Custom Bears
Custom Designed Bears & Mascots

We offer hundreds of bears and mascots to choose from! Our custom designed bears include cheerleaders, football, baseball, basketball and soccer bears. Dance, drill team and color guard. Band, golf, ROTC, FFA, sports medicine, karate, ballerinas and more. We also offer cowboy, fishing and hunting bears, senior bears, apes and monkeys, the Taz Mania Devil and more!

Some of the mascots we offer are Eagles, tigers, panthers, lions, mustangs,
bobcats, wild cats, cougars, bulldogs and more!

Custom Bear


Click here for our selection of
new custom designed bears

We have Sports and Hobbies Bears, Cheerleader Bears and Bears with School T-shirts






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